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Discover the New Simple Phone Co. Help Center for Simple & Hosted Phone Services

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Here at the Simple Phone Company, we are always seeking innovated ways to help give our customers the best in service and support. In order to do so, we have implemented a new Help Center at This site will help you discover hundreds of articles related to our phone services including Simple Phone, Hosted Phone and (virtual fax). You can now be an expert just like us or better! Keep your eyes peeled because we will continue to update the articles and post video tutorials.

HELP Marker

Articles Include:

  • Tutorials and instructions about our most popular IP Phones
  • “How To” Articles on the Hosted Phone System
  • Simple Phone Box Installation Guides
  • Managing vFax and
  • Switchboard “How To” Articles
  • Policies, Billing Questions and More!

In addition, you can view our network status updates on our Help site, so you are always in the know.

Got recommendations for topics or how to’s? Please feel free to submit your requests through We value your feedback and encourage you to submit your recommendations in order for us to better serve you.


Written by Erin Post

February 10th, 2014 at 2:25 pm

E911 is now even more Enhanced

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With the family in town and the holidays around the corner, emergencies pop up in the worst of times. To be prepared, we are excited to announce that our all-new E911 system is now active and that activations and address updates are now customer manageable without contacting Customer Support.  Activation and updating is free and easy.

What is Enhanced 911?

E911 is similar to calling 911 from your mobile phone. It not only connects emergency calls to the appropriate emergency management office or police, but also shares your account name and address with the dispatcher. Activating your E911 Address allow us to know where to connect the call, even if  the address and area code do not share the same area code.

Activating E911 Address

If you are a current customer, you can activate or update your E911 Address by completing this form. This is a free service and accessible to all  customers. Without E911 activated for your account,  emergency calls may not connect or may be subject to a fine.

We’re always working to improve and develop enhanced features like E911. For questions or trouble about activating E911 or any service, visit our Help Center or  Contact Us anytime.

Happy calling,

Simple Phone Company

Written by Erin Post

December 14th, 2013 at 12:53 pm

Introducing the Simple Phone Store

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storeWe’ve been announcing a lot great news the past 2 weeks. From our launch of The SWITCHBOARD, the refreshed site, to an all-new Virtual Fax and system– we’ve been very busy building the best phone company. However, in the words of the late Steve Jobs, there’s one more thing that we’d like to share:

Introducing the Simple Phone Store (, a new place to shop and research phones and related technologies- whether you have our phone service with us or not.

What you get when you buy from the Simple Phone Store:

Honesty: We Only Sell What We Can Stand Behind

With online shopping often a mystery until delivery, we wanted to build a place that only contains the sort of items we have personally used (or tested) and can stand behind. You will not find anything in our store that we personally would not buy ourselves.

Free Technical Support

Included with every order, we offer free basic technical support and troubleshooting for 30 days after your purchase. From phone configuration help, to router troubleshooting, we’ll assist you to get your technology up and running should you need help.

Low Prices and Price Match Guarantee

We work directly with many of the bands we sell, and will always do our best to offer the lowest prices possible. If you find a similar item in a store nearby for less, we’ll happily price match it.

Free Phone Setup Before Shipping

If you have phone service with us, we’ll configure any IP Phone to work out of the box for you at no charge. Once your phone is delivered, simply plug it in and see it work. This service is available to any Simple Phone +Business or Hosted Phone customer.

Built and Certified for Hosted Phone

All the phones and networking equipment we carry are certified and tested to work perfectly with our Hosted Phone service. This includes complimentary phone setup before shipping. New Hosted Phone customers are also eligible for free store credit after sign-up. Click here to read about our plans.

We built a store, not as a means of making more money, but to give our phone services a face. This store is designed to be the sort of place we’d want to shop ourselves. Our goal is to build a great experiences, and we’ll change the store from time to time as we learn and enhance that promise.

If your considering our Hosted Phone service, this is ground zero for equipment research and budget planning. If you wanted to know what our service would look like sitting on your desk, this is it.

Please take a peak, and consider us the next time your in the market for phone or similar equipment. If you’d like to see us carry something, let us know anytime. Check back frequently, we’ve planned exciting promotions throughout the month of September in celebration, including free priority shipping on all orders.

- Simple Phone Store
A service of Simple Phone Co.

Written by Blip The Blogger

September 1st, 2013 at 11:59 pm

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Introducing v2

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jfmondevicesTwo years ago we set out to plan and provide an affordable virtual fax solution for our phone customers, a highly requested feature at the time. With so many alternatives, we wanted to simplify a crowded solution with something that was simple to use, easy to take advantage of, and was priced fairly. While others still charge by the page or minute, our solution has remained unlimited. We called it, and it’s been a hot compliment to all our business users!

Today we’re excited to announce a completely rebuilt, that’s more simple and streamlined than ever! We’ve designed every corner around simple functionality without compromise. We’re also excited to continue offering all the same great features, while adding a lot power underneath the hood for future development. All of the enhancements have been focused on speed, simplicity, and accessibility.

To add to all this exciting news, we’re also introducing vFax Hybrid, a new service that allows you to send faxes with any fax machine, and still get all the benefits of our virtual fax plans.

Exciting enhancements include:
+ New Online vFax Manager
+ Redesigned Inbox with instant feature buttons
+ New Fax viewer with rotate, notation, and archive features
+ Users can now manage their own email addresses and passwords
+ Email to Fax and Fax to Email redesigned with speed and new functions
+ International Fax sending is now available… and more!

We’ve also rolled out an updated site filled with new direct feature links and information focused around using and understanding we have to offer. Existing customers will be transition over the next 2 weeks, and new accounts will be available starting immediatly.

Check out our update Virtual Fax page, and the newly redesigned today!

Written by Blip The Blogger

September 1st, 2013 at 2:52 pm

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Introducing The SWITCHBOARD

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With Summer coming to a close soon, we’re got some very BIG news to share.

We’re excited to announce that after several years of planning, a long summer of coding; we’ve developed a completely new phone network for all of our customers and their services! We call it The SWITCHBOARD, and it’s launching this week!

The team has been working hard, and we know you’ll love it as much as we’ve enjoyed designing and building it. All of our existing customers will be capable of switching to The SWITCHBOARD free of charge, and Hosted Phone and WiFi Customers will be upgraded automatically before August 31st. We’ll have more on that early next week.

Here are some key new features:

All-new Online Management Portal

View voicemail, call logs, billing details, advanced forwarding, call reminders, and more.

Instant Billing Details

See call cost and billing detail for international calls and inbound toll-free charges in real-time.

Human Error Messages

Our errors have been updated with easy to understand explanations and reasons for mis-dials, bad numbers, and more.

Failover Protections

Our new network was built with multiple layers of systems designed to instantly adapt to outages and various failures.

Looking for more details? Here are the tech specs for The SWITCHBOARD:

- Create your own login name and password for yourself or business
- All new online phone service management portal
- Voicemail: Manage voicemail online, set voicemail to email features, and pin
- Call Logs: View and search calls, international call costs, toll-free charges, and reports
- Address Book: Manage your own address book and short-code dialing list
- Forwarding: Enable forwarding features including Follow-Me, ring times, and more
- Call Blocking: Manage individual call blocking and Anonymous settings
- Automatic failover across the country should outages occur
- Real-time call billing allows you to see the cost of any international or toll-free charges
- Register multiple devices or phones to one account
- Lightening fast call connections and setups
- Support for thousands of calls per second for larger Hosted Phone customers
- Override layer for emergency forwarding and billing details for Hosted Phone
- Computer, tablet, and smartphone capable; optimized for tablets
- Language support for English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian

We’re just getting started, and The SWITCHBOARD is just one of many projects we’re announcing over the next 2 weeks that prove why Simple Phone Company is working to build the most powerful communication solution that is both simple to use– and easy on the pocket!

We’ll also be communication with specific changes and enhancements with each customer and their service, so keep your eye on your inbox.

In the mean time, keep checking back with our Blog and social network feeds as we continue our Summer of announcements!

- Simple Phone Company

Written by Blip The Blogger

August 19th, 2013 at 7:27 pm

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