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Introducing New Per-Line Pricing for Hosted Phone

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Hosted Phone Per-Line PricingWe’ve made pricing Hosted Phones easier than ever, and more affordable for any size of business. Introducing per-line pricing, an all new customizable pricing guide for small, medium, and large business customers. Plus all of our flagship features like unlimited extensions, free long distance, fully private systems, no contracts, personalized support, and all-inclusive pricing will now be available one and for all.

Do you know a business considering a new phone solution? Hosted Phone now starts as low as just $30 a month, and now as low as $20 per lines. Also, don’t forget about our Opportunities program. It rewards you with up to 10% monthly ongoing residuals for anyone you refer to us, and up to 15% for any hardware purchases.

Existing customers, we also have great news for you too! Over the next few weeks we will be adjusting your plans to fit our new per-line pricing. You’ll get to keep all your great features and and special pricing, and many will see a price reduction. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your account manager or customer support anytime.

See our new per-line pricing at

Written by Erin Post

November 12th, 2013 at 12:34 pm

Visit Our Refreshed Site

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spc3-1It was nearly 9 months ago (this past January) that we launched our redesigned site, products simplifications, updated Hosted Phone plans and more. Today we’re excited to continue on our mission to having the most simplified site with our lasted updates.

We’re jam-packing the updated Knowledgabase with all sorts of great help for our newly launched service portal “The SWITCHBOARD”, adding product reviews, updated navigation, integration with our new Phone Store, better solution pages, fancy streamlined footer, and more.

You’ll find that every corner has been nipped, tucked, and trimmed to make it easier to understand the benefits of our services, and how to use them. Tell us what you think by emailing, tweet @simplephoneco, write on our Facebook page, or chat online with us anytime.


Written by Blip The Blogger

August 26th, 2013 at 5:46 am

The New Look of Simple Phone Company

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We’re excited to announce an all-new Simple Phone Company: a complete refresh of all our products and services. Along with some great enhancements and lower prices, we’re also paving the way for future launches and further improvements over the next few months. Let’s take a quick look at what’s changed:

All-new My Account

We’ve fully rebuilt our entire site and support system to be easier to navigate, simplified all online areas, and enhanced our self-service resources– all to help you get the most from your service. From invoices, service details, or simply finding help; you’ll find quick access to all these features and more from the new “My Account” button found on each page.

You’ll also find Voicemail under My Features, after log you login.

“Home Phone” and “Business Phone” are now “Simple Phone”

We take being simple as one of our highest core principles, and want our products to reflect the same. We’re combining the best of both “Home Phone” and “Business Phone” plans and lowering the price to a very simple $12 monthly! Business features will now be available as an optional add-on feature, for just $5 a month.

Existing customers will notice a price reduction starting March 1, 2013. Business customers who activated before February 1, 2013 will keep the lower price automatically.

Lower Prices Everywhere and Annual Plans

From WiFi Phone to Hosted Phone, we have streamlined and lowered pricing on every service we offer. Also, we’re re-introducing Annual Plan for all services by popular demand, available immediately.

Hosted Phone just got Better!

Not only did we lower pricing on Hosted Phone, but we’ve added a new lower entry plan called Lite. All plans were also enhanced with bigger and better features like more free numbers, calling to Canada, and free Speciality Number searches anytime.

Hosted Lite plan is now available for small offices, smart homes, and startups, which includes 3 lines, 3 numbers, unlimited calling, and unlimited users; all for just $99 a month.

Canada is now Free

Starting February 1, 2013 all plans and service will include free calling to Canada, just like the US. So why not call Toronto too, eh?

World Calling

Calling international is now less expensive and easier to manage. You’ll no longer need a World Plan add-on all to take advantage of our wholesale per-minute rates. Find rates and country codes on our new World Calling page in the Support menu. Also, we’re excited to announce that we offer international phone numbers in over 50 countries. International Phone Numbers come with free unlimited inbound calling, and we think businesses will really love this!

Better Self-service Resources

We’ve revamped our Knowledgebase, Downloads, and Network Issues pages for easier discovery, searching, and use. Over the next few weeks we’ll be actively collecting, editing, and adding even more information and tools to these features.

Introducing our Shop

We’re very excited to announce the new Shop, with free shipping on all orders through February. From Business IP Phones to Routers at the promised lowest price, we’ve got it all covered. We’re also adding new products every week. All IP Phones are also available for free activation and configuration before shipping for a truly simple “works out of the box” experience.

Introducing Opportunities

Referring family and becoming a partner is now more rewarding than ever. If you refer a friend, you’ll receive $10 per customer. For our business partners, professional installers, local consultants, and more; we’re excited to invite you to offer our services to your customers and get up to 10% residual each and every month. Plus you’ll earn up to 15% of any product from our shop sold.

This is Just The Beginning

While it may seem like we’ve only just painted, this is really just the beginning. At Simple Phone Company we’re dedicated to providing the best phone services for your home and business. We’re investing, rebuilding, developing, researching, and hiring as proof to our commitment. We’re not your old phone company, we’re the Simple Phone Company.

Talk to us

We’re here when you need help via phone, email, and chat. If there is anything that we can do better or different, please let us know at

Happy calling!

Chris Meadows, CEO
Simple Phone Company

Written by Chris M.

February 3rd, 2013 at 11:45 pm

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Introducing Referrals! Get FREE Credit for Referring Anyone!!

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It’s no secret that we’ve got one of the best deals around town, and lucky you that now we’ll reward you for sharing it with just about anyone!

Introducing the Simple Phone Co. Referral Program! The setup is pretty simple, as you’ve come to expect from us: When you refer someone, you’ll earn $7.77 credit for every new customer signup. There is no limit to the number of referrals, no limit to the amount you can earn, and no minimum for receiving credit. Pretty darn simple, huh!

Online now at

Use the credit to pay your bill, add features like virtual numbers, and more.

Earning credit is even more simple: All your “referral” needs to do is enter your phone number in the “Promo / Referrals” box at signup, or mention it to our phone Help Team when taking their order. That’s it!

Here’s the rules: All referrals must be new customers for home or business services, Smartphone App is not eligible. Referrals mentioned after signup will not be eligible. Referrals must remain active and in good standing for at least 60 days, after which your account will be directly credited for the number of referrals you’ve made. And that’s about it.

With our new Referral Program, you can do good by saving your friends and family lots of money by switching to us, and potentially earn endless free credit!

Have a question about our new program? Contact our Help Team by phone or email anytime, or visit the new Referral page at

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October 19th, 2010 at 3:57 am

Announcing Simple Phone Co. v2.0 – Coming Oct 1!

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We’ve been hard at work all Summer long building and tinkering for you, and it’s finally here: Announcing Simple Phone Co. version 2.0!

We’ve rebuilt every service and system from the ground up, and put together a package of the absolute best solutions in digital communications– at the best price anywhere. Here’s a quick list of some the things to look forward to in the coming week:

All-new  Website
After listening to visitors and customers in great detail, we’ve built a web-site to share our services, now written a language anyone can understand. Our beautiful new site presents our services in a way that cater’s home users and enterprise alike, in a clean and minimal way.

Every Plan is Unlimited
With our 2.0 relaunch, we’ve update every plan and service to include unlimited nationwide calling for no addtional cost. Now even our least expensive plans, include unlimited calling. Unlimited home phone is starting at just $12.95!

Even Better Prices
Since we’ve made our systems even more efficient, we’re passing the savings straight to our customers. International rates are now lower than ever offered, and our new Smartphone plans adds an unlimited line to any iPhone for only $4.95 a month.

More Solutions, Simpler Plans
While we’ve streamlined our home and business services, we’re now introducing new “open source” Hosted phone systems! Our Hosted systems are managed in our data centers, and 100% customizable by any user. Plus they include unlimited calling built right in, with no charges lines, features, and more!

Better Help and Support
We’re making our support even better! We’ve built a community filled Wiki with tutorials and information for all of our services. Plus how to get the most out of them! Check out our new Wiki 24/7 at anytime. We’re also centralizing our new Help Team in Orange County, CA. One number and one team to help you with any questions, whether it’s billing or technical.

All of this is coming October 1!

Happy talking!

- Simple Phone Co.

Written by Blip The Blogger

September 26th, 2010 at 1:00 am

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