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Fastest Internet Providers for 2013

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It is important today to have a high speed internet service, whether it is in the home or in the office. Many devices now rely on high speed internet connections. The rate of speed will determine how your devices will perform and work. We all want them to be fast and efficient. If you feel you are disappointed by your internet speeds, then you should shop around if you have options. Thanks to PCMag’s research, we now know who provides the fastest internet service based on their 2013 service review.TortandtheHair

So who was the fastest internet provider of 2013? The answer is Verizon FiOS. It is the absolute fastest nationwide broadband service. Based on this discovery, consumers are wanting Verizon FiOS as their internet provider, but unfortunately Verizon has no plans to expand to different locations, as of yet. FiOS download time went up to 34.5 Mbps compared to last year’s average of 29.4 Mbps.

Are you wondering who is number two? For the 2nd time in a row, Midcontinent Communications (also known as Midco) stood up to the bigger dogs and came in 2nd place for having the fastest internet service. This provider offers a serious internet service for an outstanding price.

The chart below highlights the top 10 fastest internet providers out there.

HiSpeed internet speeds

Cable companies and others are still battling for that number one spot and they will continue to one up each other. Because of this endless battle, internet speeds will continue to rise, so hopefully 2014 will bring faster speeds to everyone.

Written by Erin Post

December 31st, 2013 at 9:47 am

Real Review: Thanks Jeff for the Email!

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This week we received a letter from a Simple Phone Co. customer who recently switched from Vonage. Jeff owns a vinyl graphic and print outfit in Florida, and uses our Business Phone services to run his shop. He sent us this letter earlier in the week after we completed his number transfer, and did what Vonage couldn’t… and saved him a lot of money too. :-)

With Jeff’s permission, we’ve posted it below:

Hello, This is Jeff owner of Graphix Unlimited, Brooksville FL. Just wanted to thank Chris and the team from simplephoneco for finally taking care of our business line caller id problems, it now works great, we now can identify all our callers, even some cell phones come up with the proper names.

You did what Vonage never could give us, for at least a year I tried to get Vonage to give us caller id, they couldn’t but you did, they had nothing but excuses for us. Chris told me it would take about a week, and true to his word
they had the issue solved. now over voip, we have true caller id!!

There is no comparison as far as we are concerned, price which is nearly 50% cheaper than Vonage, and friendly customer service went along way for our company, not to mention you get to talk to a real human being Jessica, was awesome in talking with me to see that the issues were taken care of in a timely manner.

Unlike Vonage who has you jump through hoops with their automated robotic customer service which at times literally seemed to be deaf got very annoying for us.

We believe we have found a new phone service and we will tell everyone we know

Again thanks for all your help and we will send customers your way!

Owner of Graphix Unlimited Brooksville, Florida.

Thanks Jeff for the kind works, and we’re just as excited to have you guys as customers!

Written by Blip The Blogger

November 20th, 2010 at 12:53 pm

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