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Discover the New Simple Phone Co. Help Center for Simple & Hosted Phone Services

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Here at the Simple Phone Company, we are always seeking innovated ways to help give our customers the best in service and support. In order to do so, we have implemented a new Help Center at This site will help you discover hundreds of articles related to our phone services including Simple Phone, Hosted Phone and (virtual fax). You can now be an expert just like us or better! Keep your eyes peeled because we will continue to update the articles and post video tutorials.

HELP Marker

Articles Include:

  • Tutorials and instructions about our most popular IP Phones
  • “How To” Articles on the Hosted Phone System
  • Simple Phone Box Installation Guides
  • Managing vFax and
  • Switchboard “How To” Articles
  • Policies, Billing Questions and More!

In addition, you can view our network status updates on our Help site, so you are always in the know.

Got recommendations for topics or how to’s? Please feel free to submit your requests through We value your feedback and encourage you to submit your recommendations in order for us to better serve you.


Written by Erin Post

February 10th, 2014 at 2:25 pm

Learning Events on Hosted Phone Services (VoIP) Now Available!

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Come join us for an introduction to Hosted Phone, the advancements and cost saving of switching, how we differ from everyone else, and a chance to see and test any feature in use live. We’ll also have an engineer and developer on hand to answer any questions about our company, our services, and the features of our system. We promise you’ll learn more in 15 minutes about business communications than you will all year. Take this opportunity to get your questions answered.

Conference Room

Featured Topics:

  • Discover your options other than your landline service provider
  • Learn what features can help increase productivity/flexibility in your office
  • See how much money you can save with our Hosted Phone system monthly
  • Experience the latest in phone technology and advantages
  • Hear how to simplify costs, IT and communications
  • Find out about Hosted Phone’s reliability and disaster-ready procedures

It is now time that your business receives unlimited local and long distance minutes, features and affordable pricing. What are you waiting for? Learn more today.

To Register or view webinar/event dates and times, click HERE.

You ask: Can I take my phone adapter anywhere?

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One of our most asked questions, not related to how we keep our rates so low, is whether or not our users can travel with their handy-dandy Landline Adapter?

Well, we have a very simple answer: YES!!

In fact, anywhere your Landline Adapter finds it’s way with an internet connection to our systems, all of your phone services will as well. You’ll then be able to make and recieve calls regardless of being home.

Remember, anytime we can’t see your adapter (whether your ISP is having an outage or your simply traveling with it), any missed call will always go to our voicemail system. (or call forwarding if you’ve set this up.)

If you find yourself traveling a bit, your Landline Adapter should work virtually anywhere. So when you get back home, simply connect it back to the way it used to be, and you’ll be back to ‘good as new’.

So plan a trip without any phone-less stress, and remember, your Landline Adapter always travels FREE!

- Help Team

Written by Blip The Blogger

June 19th, 2011 at 9:16 pm

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You ask: What is the Best Cordless Home Phone Out There!?

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Imagine walking into your local electronic store on a mission to get the best phone for your new Simple Phone Company services.  You walk down the phone aisle and are bombarded with signs listing prices, model numbers, and countless features you don’t even know if you need.  You ask a salesman which is the best, and he starts going on about call frequencies and interference and something called a “giga hertz”. (Giga who?)  After nodding along, you leave the store empty handed and more confused than when you arrived.  Sound familiar?

All too often, our customers call in wanting us to take the guess-work out of buying a new phone.  Like you, I’m not a technology expert.  I just want the best, and cheapest, phone out there for my service.  So I’ve done my research, read tons of reviews, and come up with a list of my favorite phones on the market.  (Don’t worry, I included my favorite features too.)

Some additional features making the Panasonic KX-TG6512B my top pick is the ability to assign ring-tones to each person in my phone book, an alarm clock feature, an intercom between handsets, conference calling between handsets, and any-key answering.  It also has a  very sleek and stylish design to go along with these great features!

The VTech CS6219-2 makes my list for its simplicity.  It may not have all the extra features of the Panasonic, but it’s reliable and you can’t go wrong with price.

Motorola is great for those looking for a corded main phone and additional cordless phones around the house.  The L302 and L402 models give the freedom to decide if you want the feel of a traditional corded phone or not.  Not to mention, the battery life is incredible at 12 hours talk time with those handsets.

Though not the cheapest solution, I’ve also included the Uniden DECT3181 on here.  This model can connect up to 4 cell phones to your system at the same time!  That means you can talk on your Simple Phone Company line while three other people connect via bluetooth to talk over their cellular connection.  Not to mention, this system lets you upload up to 6,000  contacts to it.  That’s more than enough for an entire household of talkers.

There are thousands of phones out there to choose from and I hope this helps clear away some of the confusion.  From price to quality, you wont go wrong choosing any of these nifty models.

- Jessica
Director of Customer Service

Written by Blip The Blogger

January 13th, 2011 at 12:30 am

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