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Well hello there!

Boy it’s been a busy Summer, and we’ve been hard at work for months launching our new my.SimplePhoneCo.com and getting ready to launch some exciting new services this month and next.

Enough with the foreshadowing, let’s talk about what we’re launching today to get ready for October.

All-new Sign-up form for all services

We’ve totally redesigned our order and sign form. Now it’s as easy as steps 1 to 5, plus it now officially supports 8 different languages including Spanish, French, Italian and more!

New orders are now more streamlined and processed within minutes. Check it out at https://my.simplephoneco.com/order

Fresh and Updated Downloads for Guides and manuals

We’ve collected and uploaded updated IP Phones and device guides for our business users. Also, we’ve added all the official welcome and setup guides that ship for all our different customers. Check them out at https://my.simplephoneco.com/downloads.php today!

Updated Product Pages

As you may know, we shape every product and service we offer mostly from feedback and suggestions form our customers. We are excited to say that have updated each of our product pages with better details, and added new addon features. We also added a complete feature list and tech spec for each product we offer. Check them out at their respective pages from http://simplephoneco.com/Services.html

Easier to understand billing dates:

Lastly, and also influenced by customer feedback, we’ve simplified all billing dates. In our previous billing system, we issued and made due invoices on the day they were issued. We did not have late notices, and we often found customer month’s behind without knowing they owed. Here is how our new billing dates work:

Invoices Created: An invoice is created 7 days before it’s due. If your prefer Mail in Payment, we’ll print and mail your bill.
Invoice Due Date: Invoices are due 7 after the invoice was created.
1st Late Notice: Invoices are considered late 14 days after they are due.

We offer lots of different ways to pay. Contact our Help Team by phone or email to update your preferred payment method.. We offer “Mail in Payment”, auto-pay, Credit Card, eCheck, and PayPal. If your preferred payment method is “Mail in Payment”, you will never be charged without manually submitting payment by check or online, even if you have a credit card or eCheck on file.

As always, thank you for your business. If you have have feedback or comments, we’d love to listen. Contact us anytime at help@simplephoneco.com or 888.272.8070.

- Help Team

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October 2nd, 2011 at 9:58 pm

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