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Hi there!

The past few months, our engineers has been hard at work on all sorts projects and enhancements for upcoming Simple Phone Co. services and products. We are please to announce the first wave of these new features as we promised earlier this year:
Introducing my.SimplePhoneCo.com! Emails will be arriving soon with your new username and passwords for customer.

If you have not yet received your new password, simply click this link to request it.

With the announcement of our all-new account and service management system, we are also making changes to some of our services and plans to better serve our customers. All the changes and announcements being made are from direct feedback from our loyal customers!

Here are a few highlights of our immediately new changes:

Check out the all-new my.SimplePhoneCo.com!  
Now you can manage your services online with ease! Here are some of great things you can now do at my.SimplePhoneCo.com:
- View and upgrade plans and features for your account
- See past and upcoming invoices
- Pay your bill online
- Online Tickets or via emails to help@simplephoneco.com
- Live System and Server Status (Great for Hosted plan customers)
- New online Knowledgebase for popular questions and tutorials 
- and more
New Simple Phone Plans!

While we often receive praise for our simple phone plans, when we added the Plus+ Plan last fall, many customers asked themselves “which is right for me?”.  

We have no simplified our Home, Business, and WiFi Phone plans to one simple plan for each. The World calling from the previous Plus+ plan now beefed-up and available as an “addon”. All other features are now included for the same low of just $12.95.

Customers with Plus plans will be converted to normal plans, and have our new World Plan addon enabled at their next billing date. 
E911 is now FREE for all plans!

E911 is becoming more and more required in communities across the country, and we think it’s important have for all of our customers. So with our true commitment to having no fees, and our drive towards offering the best phone service, we will now offer E911 to all customers absolutely free.
Customers who previous have the E911 tax will now have it included in their monthly service plan at no cost. (Except WiFi plans, due to technical reasons with smartphones.)
New Unlimited World, FREE for 20+ countries

One of our biggest requests is about adding more countries to our old World5 and World10 plans.
Starting immediately, we will being offering our previous Plus+ customers and available to all customers, as our new “World Plan” addon. This single addon will give you unlimited calling to 20+ countries.
View all the countries at simplephoneco.com/rates, and includes Canada, Mexico, India, China, Japan, Chile, UK, Germany, Ireland, France, Spain, and more. (Certain areas apply.) 

Customer who wish to add this feature can contact our help or add online at my.SimplePhoneCo.com. Click My Services, click the view button next to your plan, then click View Available Addons. 
All-new Affiliate/Referral Program

We want to thank and reward anyone who shares SimplePhoneCo with friends and family. Starting now, we are increasing the reward for any new customer you refer. Our new Affiliate/Referral program will now pay you directly for any plan we offer:
Home plan: $10
Business plan: $10
WiFi plan: $3
Hosted plan: $100 or more

To activate our new Affiliate program, simply click here or visit our new account portal at my.SimplePhoneCo.com  and click “Affiliates” at the top.
WiFi Phone with new features and new devices
Our WiFi Phone plan is now available for almost any smartphone or tablet. We’re now compatible with any iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Mac, and PC for one low price. 
Plus, now all WiFi Phone customers now have access to call features like other Simple Phone Co line feature such as online voicemail, call forwarding, voicemail-to-email, and much more!
The Best and Friendly Support
With our new investments at my.SimplePhoneCo.com, our engineers and support team are now even more available to help you. We have added more staff to our popular chat, and all emails to help@simplephoneco.com are directly integrated with our ticket and account system. Try it out by sending a question to help@simplephoneco.com where our engineers are personally monitoring 24 hours a day.

That’s it! We are going to rest for a few days, then jump into building our next set of new features and enhancements for you to launch this fall.

As always if you have any questions, trouble, feedback, please feel free to contact our Help Team anytime. You may also send your feedback directly to our leadership and engineering team at feedback@simplephoneco.com.
Have a great week!!

The Simple Phone Co. Team
phone. 888.272.8070
email. help@simplephoneco.com
chat. simplephoneco.com 

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July 28th, 2011 at 12:49 am

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