Conference Line

A Conference Line, Where Sky's The Limit.

Refreshingly Simple and Reliable Conferences

It isn’t just in the name, and it’s how we’ve built the service.

On-Demand Conferencing

Conference Line a simple and always available conference service built on our Platform. For meetings of 5, or 95, you’ll get access to our advanced network when needed.

Instantly Upgradable

We make jumping between plans easy and flexible. With no contracts or commitments, you can request to upgrade or downgrade easily anytime at your convenience.

Low Per-minute Usage Rate

While our plans are uniquely affordable, our per-munte usage fee is the lowest in the industry helping you pay only for the conference usage you use and not a cent more.

Pricing Plans and Options

No mystery charges here, it’s simply all included.

  • 7 Callers

  • $20/mo
    • + 2.5 Cents Per-Minute
    • Up to 7 Callers
    • That’s Just $2.85 Per Caller
    • Free Toll-free Number
    • No Usage Limits
    • Month to Month

Most Popular
  • 18 Callers

  • $40/mo
    • + 2.5 Cents Per-Minute
    • Up to 18 Callers
    • That’s Just $2.22 Per Caller
    • Free Toll-free Number
    • No Usage Limits
    • Month to Month

  • 35 Caller

  • $60/mo
    • + 2.5 Cents Per-Minute
    • Up to 35 Callers
    • That’s Just $1.71 Per-Caller
    • Free Toll-free Number
    • No Usage Limits
    • Month to Month

Need more than 35 callers? Build a custom conference line for only $1.50 per caller, plus 2.5 cents per-minute usage.

No Contracts

We don’t like the ball and chain either, so every plan we offer is commitment and contract-free.

Multiple Numbers

Look hyper local. Add additional local and toll-free numbers from any area nationwide.

Tax Included

What you see is what you pay, and not a cent more. USF and XYZ included too.

Feature Packed Action

Get more with our Conference Lines, and it’s all included free of charge.

Access PINs

We secure your conference with PINs, and we support multiple PINs as needed.

Break-in Menu

Callers can access a special break menu to mute themselves or drop off the call.

Alerts and Annoucements

Add custom welcome recorded greetings, messages, and alerts for your callers easily.

Custom Wait Music

Add custom music to conference call to be heard while additional callers arrive.

Local and Toll-free Numbers

Choose your conference numbers from any local or toll-free area code.

Call Recording (Beta)

Easily record each conference call with our special call recording service. (Currently in Beta)

But wait, there’s more:

  • Online Web Portal
  • Calling Log Details
  • Low Per-Minute Usage
  • Customizable PINs
  • Mute on Join
  • Per-Number Recording
  • Call Blocking
  • Instantly Upgradable
Ready to simplify your Conference service?

Frequently Asked Questions

They asked, we took good notes, and here is what’s popular.

Will my internet work?

Simple Phone will work over any high-speed internet like DSL or better. It will not work over satellite.

Can I keep my phone number?

Yes, porting is free. Choose the port option at sign-up, and we’ll email you easy instructions.

Will my phone work?

Yes, our Simple Phone Box will connect to any analog phone or fax, wired or cordless.

What about 911 and emergencies?

We support E911, an advanced 911 system that sends your address and name when 911 is dialed.

What about all those regulatory fees?

We baked them into the price. There is no additional fees or surcharges.

Can I pay by mail?

Of course. After 2 months, you can request this and we’ll mail you a paper bill each month at no charge.

Get to conferencing in under 3 minutes! (We timed it.)