January 2016

Today we sent this exciting update to our customers:

It’s not often you get a real hand written email from your phone company, but we’re not like other phone companies… We’re excited for the new year, because 2016 is going to be very fun. To kick the new year off, we have some exciting changes and announcements that will launch today, and more news and enhancements coming in the months ahead.

Streamlined Services

We’re doubling down on Hosted, our most popular and fastest growing service since our launch. Over time, Virtual Fax and Simple Phone (our single line service) have become less and less popular as email replaces faxing and mobile phones replace home phones. But the disruption in business and team communications continues, and we’re fully focused on it.

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To mind that focus, we’re talking our Hosted Phone and Hosted Platform on as our primary service and focus, bringing Virtual Fax and Conference Line in as supporting add-on services. Simple Phone will be available by request, and will called Simple Line. Our new site has been updated to align this focus, and provide an even simpler way to learn and use our services.

Simplified Pricing

With a streamlined focus on a our updated services, we’re also simplifying pricing too. Our pricing until now was based on resource cost, which isn’t the case any longer. Lines are now just $25 per-line at any quantity, down from starting at $30 a month. Every line now also includes 1 free local or toll-free number, and extra numbers are just $3 each.

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As always, there are no contracts or commitments, no tiers or tax, and personal support is always included at no additional cost.

We’ll be updating billing plans for existing customers starting in February 2016. Because every plan and account is a little different in size and numbers, a few customers who many see a slight change in price under our new pricing. For these customers we’ll match the lower price you have now until you change or update services. More details about this change will be sent on a per-account basis in January, and feel free to contact us about any questions you may have.

Personalized Support

To carry our difference forward, we’re continuing to develop and invest in Personalized Support. New customers will benefit from our free Personal Setup, plus new and existing customers can schedule free one-on-one Personal Trainings. Our new Personal Training subjects include themes from Getting Start, New Phone Introductions, and walk-throughs of our Platform.

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Enhanced Systems

As we continue to grow and focus on a simplified solution and pricing, built on uniquely personalized support, we’ve also made critical investments and upgrades to both our network, carrier partners, and Platform phone system. This month we’ll upgrade our servers and data centers with significantly increased capacity and resource for the years ahead. Investments in capacity and quality is just one of our ongoing development missions to always maintain the best phone quality and calling available, powered by the most powerful and intuitive systems.

These are just a few pieces of news to share for the New Year, and we have much more coming in the weeks and months ahead. Have an idea or feedback, just say hello. Our team is listening, just shoot an email to feedback@simplephoneco.com.

We’ll be in touch again soon, and enjoy the New Year!!