March 2016

Hello Simple Phone Co. family!

This Friday March 4th, we are taking the day off… to spend the entire day devoted to you. Yes you, here’s the background… Introducing Refresh Day!

We love supporting our customers differently, and we are challenging ourselves by taking an entire day to devote ourself to work on doing more of just that. Projects, re-organization, development updates from our Dev team, and more are all scheduled to kick the day off. Our experiment and mission is to o come together to connect for one full day (chosen as one of our slowest days of the month), and challenge ourselves to develop, train, and work on how to further improve our resources, teams, and more.

As a follow-up we’ll post the outcome of this experiment because it’s a little different and exciting. Most importantly– since our regular scheduled programming will be different for one day, our support line won’t ring as it usually does. We wanted to let you know what to expect if you need help, or have a service issue. We’ll monitor new and updated support requests made at and by email at Our support calls will go to a special voicemail, so if you need to report trouble, we’ll be watching for these support requests and messages.

That’s the announcement, and I am very excited to see what our team develops from this wild experience. If you have a question of feedback, let us know at


Simple Phone Co.