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Hello Summer!

Video Tutorials, New Help Center

Now playing… Video Tutorials! We’ve been hard at work rebuilding our Help Center at… and are excited to share some incredible enhancements. Overall, the new Help Center looks as great on a computer as it does your phone, features 20+ video tutorials, includes 30+ updates to written guides, and more.

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Updated Phones Selection, Faster Shipping

Starting this month we’ll be launching our new fulfillment centers across the country. With this enhancement, we will be able to cut ground delivery in half, and dramatically reduce delivery time with our complimentary Personal Setup at no cost. Whether you’re a new customer, or simply adding a phone, you’ll love our new shipping process and save even more!

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Upcoming Platform Update

Get ready, because our exciting updated Platform web portal is being updated this month. You’ll love our new responsive and app-friendly update that looks as great on a computer as or down your smartphone. New features will be launching soon like SmartPBX View, Debugging View, and more!! Want to be the files to test and see the new features, just email us to early access today.

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Chat Concierge

Chat support offered by others is usually a painful experience. Our own experience reminds of memories little questions getting lost in “connecting” delays, the remote “agent” not understanding, or far too often no one home altogether… So we’ve been playing with the idea of how to do online chat differently, and that fits into our “personalized support” style. For the next few weeks we’ll be testing a feature we call Simple Concierge, for quick human responses for common questions, and easy personal follow-ups for support and troubleshooting. Come by, and click the “chat” icon in the bottom corner. Feedback or ideas? Email us at

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The Challenge

This summer, we’re launching a silly experiment to prove how much you can save with Simple Phone Company… Introducing The Challenge! Know a business or friend that’s paying too much for business phone service? Have them send us their bill, attend a free demo, and if we can’t save them money monthly we’ll send them a fully stocked Beer Fridge or Espresso Bar. Even better, during July, any referral that signs up will earn you a $200 credit. Are you ready?

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New Wide-Area Cordless IP Phones

Our friends at Yealink just announced a second cordless phone to compliment their IP phone offerings, and it’s neat one. The W56P not only features and refined hardest with color screen, and a powerful new linking feature that allows you to connect up 6 antennas to create wide-area cordless reception. With that new feature, you can cover an entire floor or building with one handset that can navigate every corner.

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Introducing Exports in Platform

For users looking to make advanced call reports and analysis, a new CSV Export button is now available for all Platform users. You can use search field to drill down any specific data you need within the date range you have selected. Search a number for inbound calls, a date for information on any specific day. Search numbers, names, Caller-IDs, and more.

> Questions? Start a support request.

Special Referral Offer

Know a small business or team in need of amazing voice service? During the month of June you can refer any customer to Simple Phone Company, and receive a 100% credit matching their first month. This is a special offer, and is available to every customer. They’ll benefit from our exclusive Personal Setup and Training, concierge-style support, great phone pricing, and more.

> Invite them to contact us, or schedule an intro call today

Get Virtual Fax

Sometimes you just can’t shake off the need for a fax. For June, you can add a Virtual Fax Add-on line for just $5 each per-month for life. (Regularly $8) Choose local phone numbers from any area code nationwide, or use an existing phone number at no additional charge. Use promo or coupon code vfaxjune16 when ordering for this special offer!

> Order a Virtual Fax Add-on

Test Upcoming Features

As we jump head first into Summer, we’re getting ready to launch all sorts of exciting Platform features, new IP Phones, refreshed management systems, easier ordering experiences, and much more. New features include Provisioning, SmartPBX, Responsive Management, and more. We’re looking for users who are interested in testing our new services and features. If interested, contact us at and we’ll get you connected.

Cheers to an exciting start to summer!

– Simple Phone Co. Team

Even Better Emails

Our Dev teams started the month off big, and the past few weeks we’ve been hard at work making little features more useful. Messages like Voicemail-to-Email will now deliver more quickly, and without SPAM detection. All messages from our Platform system will now arrive from “”, so be sure to add our new address to your contacts too!

$5 Conference Line Offer

Whether your a small or growing business, having a conference line is super convenient way to meet and chat by phone without tying up the lines. We want to make sharing conference service available with more customers easier! For this month only, you can add a Conference Line (with included toll-free) to any plan for $5. Keep conference line for the discounted price for as long as you keep the add-on, and usage minutes are only 2.5 cents a minutes.

> Order Free Conference Line (Use code: Conf416)

Personal Support

We are really excited about supporting our customers differently, with personalized support. As a reminder, our unique support features like Personal Training and Personal Setup are available to all customers regardless if your a new or established customer. If you’d like a refresher, join us for a free webinar event on April 26th or schedule free Personal Training by opening a support request at

Hosted Platform Login

We’ve updated the URL for logging into Hosted Platform for all users. While many continue to connect to their “”, for some users this has become more difficult when managing multiple accounts. To make it easier, we’ve updated our public and supported login link to “”, so be sure to bookmark it. You can continue to use the same username, and password, and account name  regardless of account. If you have any questions, just let us know.

Spring Ahead, Plans Forward

We’re continuing to build strong on our products and unique support this Spring. If you have any feedback you’d like to share, please feel free email our leadership team at Your ideas, concerns, and thoughts make a huge difference, and we love sharing the Open Mic on development, planning, and improvements.

Hello Simple Phone Co. family!

This Friday March 4th, we are taking the day off… to spend the entire day devoted to you. Yes you, here’s the background… Introducing Refresh Day!

We love supporting our customers differently, and we are challenging ourselves by taking an entire day to devote ourself to work on doing more of just that. Projects, re-organization, development updates from our Dev team, and more are all scheduled to kick the day off. Our experiment and mission is to o come together to connect for one full day (chosen as one of our slowest days of the month), and challenge ourselves to develop, train, and work on how to further improve our resources, teams, and more.

As a follow-up we’ll post the outcome of this experiment because it’s a little different and exciting. Most importantly– since our regular scheduled programming will be different for one day, our support line won’t ring as it usually does. We wanted to let you know what to expect if you need help, or have a service issue. We’ll monitor new and updated support requests made at and by email at Our support calls will go to a special voicemail, so if you need to report trouble, we’ll be watching for these support requests and messages.

That’s the announcement, and I am very excited to see what our team develops from this wild experience. If you have a question of feedback, let us know at


Simple Phone Co.

Today we sent this exciting update to our customers:

It’s not often you get a real hand written email from your phone company, but we’re not like other phone companies… We’re excited for the new year, because 2016 is going to be very fun. To kick the new year off, we have some exciting changes and announcements that will launch today, and more news and enhancements coming in the months ahead.

Streamlined Services

We’re doubling down on Hosted, our most popular and fastest growing service since our launch. Over time, Virtual Fax and Simple Phone (our single line service) have become less and less popular as email replaces faxing and mobile phones replace home phones. But the disruption in business and team communications continues, and we’re fully focused on it.

> View our new Features page

To mind that focus, we’re talking our Hosted Phone and Hosted Platform on as our primary service and focus, bringing Virtual Fax and Conference Line in as supporting add-on services. Simple Phone will be available by request, and will called Simple Line. Our new site has been updated to align this focus, and provide an even simpler way to learn and use our services.

Simplified Pricing

With a streamlined focus on a our updated services, we’re also simplifying pricing too. Our pricing until now was based on resource cost, which isn’t the case any longer. Lines are now just $25 per-line at any quantity, down from starting at $30 a month. Every line now also includes 1 free local or toll-free number, and extra numbers are just $3 each.

> View our new Pricing page

As always, there are no contracts or commitments, no tiers or tax, and personal support is always included at no additional cost.

We’ll be updating billing plans for existing customers starting in February 2016. Because every plan and account is a little different in size and numbers, a few customers who many see a slight change in price under our new pricing. For these customers we’ll match the lower price you have now until you change or update services. More details about this change will be sent on a per-account basis in January, and feel free to contact us about any questions you may have.

Personalized Support

To carry our difference forward, we’re continuing to develop and invest in Personalized Support. New customers will benefit from our free Personal Setup, plus new and existing customers can schedule free one-on-one Personal Trainings. Our new Personal Training subjects include themes from Getting Start, New Phone Introductions, and walk-throughs of our Platform.

> View our new Help page

Enhanced Systems

As we continue to grow and focus on a simplified solution and pricing, built on uniquely personalized support, we’ve also made critical investments and upgrades to both our network, carrier partners, and Platform phone system. This month we’ll upgrade our servers and data centers with significantly increased capacity and resource for the years ahead. Investments in capacity and quality is just one of our ongoing development missions to always maintain the best phone quality and calling available, powered by the most powerful and intuitive systems.

These are just a few pieces of news to share for the New Year, and we have much more coming in the weeks and months ahead. Have an idea or feedback, just say hello. Our team is listening, just shoot an email to

We’ll be in touch again soon, and enjoy the New Year!!

SPC loves being involved in the community! Our team has recently been volunteering with the awesome kids of Boys & Girls Club in Tustin. A new 9-week program, Summer of Code, hopes to help kids of all ages develop skills in HTML and CSS and educate them about job opportunities in the tech industry.
At the beginning of the program, the kids were asked to form groups and decide on a theme for the website they were going to be creating. Each group can learn to create websites with a layout of a search engine, personal page, multiplication table, or a digital story book. Once they decided what type of website they wanted to build, they started with the basics like terminology, opening and saving their work, and starting a title, header, and paragraphs in their projects.
Now that they are half way through the program, some groups have generated websites full of colors, pictures, and links to other pages. They are learning so fast! We can’t wait to see more of what comes from their learning experience at Summer of Code!

Last week our sales team journeyed far and wide to build our brand by conquering the long stretch of highway we call the 101 freeway. Their week long trek resulted in gaining new partnerships that will contribute to Simple Phone Co. and our new affiliates promising futures.
The objective of this trip was to meet face-to-face with influential IT companies throughout California and educate them on our services and products. The connection we hope to build with these new partners revolves around good communication and trust. There is no better way to do that than to meet someone in person and give them a great story of how SPC came about.
The story goes as such: Our founder, Chris started this company 5 years ago from an IT company. He hated supporting phones, and learned quickly that customers hated the phone companies he referred. Chris worked with friends to build and developed a powerful phone network now called the hosted platform. Thus, Simple Phone Company was created.
Our sales team hits the road again soon to share the story of Simple Phone Company’s creation and build relationships with industry professionals ready to offer the cream of the crop in small business phone solutions. We look forward to meeting with all of you! Contact us here if you are interested in getting to know more about our partner program.

Simple Phone Co. and our neighbors, The Longwith Group, are hosting two awesome artists this Friday night from 6-10pm at our office spaces (111 N. Harbor Blvd., Fullerton). Every “First Friday” during the summer months, downtown Fullerton transforms into an art walk, showcasing the best photographers, painters, writers, and musicians the city has to offer. We are excited to invite Jen Fedrizzi and Darilynn Tipton to display their works along our exposed brick walls. Feel free to join us and RSVP at our Facebook event page. We hope to see you there!

Looking for more ways to cut costs and improve productivity within your company? Well, switching your phone service to a VoIP provider like Simple Phone Co. could be the best solution. Here are some reasons why making the transition sooner rather than later is a good choice.

Lower Cost
Switching to VoIP can cut your costs significantly. For Simple Phone Co. customers, there are no expensive phone servers or equipment that need to be installed since our VoIP services are cloud-hosted.  We have also made our plans even more affordable by only charging customers for the number of lines (call capacity) they need. 

You can bring your VoIP phone anywhere in the world and it will work! All you need is power and an internet connection. You will be able to work remotely without having to compromise or pay additional fees. You can even choose to utilize the amazing power of an IP phone, or the convenience of Wifi calling with your smart phone or laptop!

Convenience & Scalability
Managing your calls is as easy as drag-and-drop. Literally. Our Hosted Phone system allows you to set up your call structures using flowcharts and drag-and-drop features. As an administrator, you can do everything from recording your system’s voicemail or menu greetings to adding an extension for a new hire. All of this and more can be done conveniently from your desktop or laptop.
Speaking of adding extensions, you can add as many extensions or devices as you need in our Hosted Phone system. That’s great for a growing business!

Call Features
There are so many to choose from to make your team more efficient. Call forwarding, conferencing, hot desking, voicemail to email…just to name a few. Check out a full list of our features here. The Simple Phone Co. support team can help you manage these features or you can manage them yourself in your Hosted Phone system. How simple!

VoIP systems support features like HD Audio which gives you the kind of audio quality that traditional POTS lines and cell phones could only dream about.

These are just a few of the most compelling reasons to switch to a VoIP service. Feel free to contact our sales team at 844-4-SIMPLE if you would like any more information or to set up your small business plan!

It’s officially Small Business week in the United States – a tradition which has been honored by Presidential proclamation every year since 1963.  This year, President Obama highlighted some of the reasons we should all be thankful for small businesses citing that, “America’s small businesses are the backbone of our economy, employing half of our country’s private sector workforce and creating nearly two out of every three new jobs in our country.”  (You can read the full proclamation here.)

It’s true, small businesses produce more than half of the United States’ private sector GDP (gross domestic product) with 90% of them doing so with fewer than 20 employees.  These facts are not just impressive, they highlight the real driving forces behind our economy: constant innovation by every-day entrepreneurs like that friend of yours who had a great idea to start their own bakery, or your neighbor that runs an IT startup from their garage.

Simple Phone Co. is proud to be along-side them in this category and we encourage you to thank small businesses not only for their contribution to the nation’s economy, but for their willingness to take risks to better themselves and their communities.


For more information and interesting insights on Small Business Week, check out: