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Let’s help Nepal! In the wake of the news that continues to build in Nepal and areas of North India following a devastating earthquake, we are calling you to help too!

We’re going to continue to look at ways help ourselves. Through May 8, all calls to Nepal will be free of charge. If you do not have international calling enabled, please feel free to contact Customer Support to add this free feature.

Here are just a few organizations working on support and recovery of Nepal and it’s people:

Red Cross

Save the Children

Habitat for Humanity

Global Giving

World Vision

Mercy Corps


World Food Program

Convoy of Hope


On April 1st, Simple Phone Co. launched it’s new and improved Help Center. Here are some highlights on the transition.

Behind the Scenes: Our updated ticketing system uses the newest technology to power a sleek new interface for our Customer Support team to better manage your requests. From its inbox-like layout and “Quick Filter” views, our team can prioritize your tickets or create tickets to follow up on pending items. Features like “reminder notifications” and post-ticket surveys will help our Customer Support team be more organized than ever before and ensure your feedback is heard.

Chat with us: Use our Chat feature to  talk with someone on our support team within seconds. Ask us questions about your services or tell us about about your weekend. We love catching up with our customers!

Reading Material: Don’t forget about those nifty Help Center Articles that can aid you in solving issues or answering questions. Articles range from “Troubleshooting ‘Device not Registered’ Error” to “How to Call International Numbers”. If there is a topic you would like to see added to our Help Center, let us know!

We hope you enjoy our new Help Center as much as we do. Happy browsing!

That is the question.  To say that caffeine is loved at Simple Phone Co. would still be an understatement – It’s a part of our culture.  From espresso machines and French-presses to mini fridges stocked full of various energy drinks and teas, our Headquarters is the Willy Wonka factory of all things caffeine.  Still, we are IT Professionals here at SPC and we indulge responsibly…

Ok, we consume a lot of caffeine – which is why the following article from has us questioning whether or not the copious amounts of caffeine we ingest daily is beneficial to our health, our productivity, and ultimately our business.

Caffeine: The Silent Killer of Success

While the debate of caffeine’s usefulness may rage on, we promise that our morning Cup of Joe won’t interfere with the amazing quality of products and services you’ve come to expect from us at Simple Phone Co.! 🙂

(Photo credit Padurariu Alexandru)

The Simple Phone Co. team invites you to join us in observing Earth Hour 2015!  This global event aims to spread awareness about protecting our Earth’s environment. From Niagara Falls to the Staples Center, communities around the world will be turning off non-essential lights for one hour in their homes and businesses.  Join us and millions more by turning off your lights on Saturday, March 28 from 8:30pm to 9:30pm to show our commitment to a healthier Earth.  Visit to learn more.

(Photo credit

We’re excited to share that our entire local Fullerton team will be participating in a community service project for Acts of Kindness and Love Our Cities. We’ll be feeding our homeless friends and neighbors from Fullerton and Anaheim, CA.

If you’d like to join us, please visit their page for more details.

Our mission is to start an on-going effort of giving back to our local communities. We invite other small business, and tech startups alike, to participate in community service with their teams too. There is so much need for support for the threads of our communities, and Simple Phone Company is proud to participate and act for these efforts. We’re calling this initiative Outreach, and it’s just a start.

In support of this, our Customer Support by phone will close 1 hour early at 3pm on Friday, February 27.

(Photo credit City of Anaheim)

Simple Phone Co. is Seattle bound, literally! Join us Friday January 30st in Seattle for Geekwire Startup Day conference. We’ll be attending the days festivities and speakers, and meeting with founders and start-ups alike. We’re exciting to hear from some of tech’s most interesting people, and connect with new and growing tech companies from across the country.

We’ll be live tweeting throughout the conference at @simplephoneco, so be sure to follow us and tweet back.

If your attending too, we’d love connect and meet up. Contact us at for a follow-up from the team making the way up north. See you soon!

This week we wanted to start our Spotlight Blog series on our very own home, Orange County, California. Rightfully known as the home to such TV’s shows like The OC and Laguna Beach of recent years, it’s also home to several important pharmaceutical corporations, car companies like Hyundai and Kia, and popular apparel brands like PacSun and Quicksilver to name of few. Orange County is as diverse in companies of all size and scale, as many big cities are as one.

And with Disneyland and Los Angeles Angels in back drop, there is also a rich heritage of entrepreneurial and small businesses alike nestled in the old orange groves and strawberry fields that once lined the area. To name a few, Oakley, Vans Shoes, and even Fender were all founded here too. Fender guitars alone was first played and founded steps away from our new offices in Fullerton in fact.

Some of our customers also call OC home too. For 41 years Southwood Pest Control have been managing the critters we least desire living amongst us. With our Hosted Phone solution, Southwood manages local numbers from nearby areas all around Southern California. This give them a very local advance without the cost and complexity of account with various providers and mobiles once required to achieve this, and even uses our “works from anywhere” technology for after hour answering and more. Wood’s Law Group also joined us after leaving their old analog phone system behind for a huge cost saving and new convenient features. This includes enhanced use of our “unlimited devices” feature by adding soft-phones and more without paying for extra lines. They use our Virtual Fax’s “fax by email” for convenient paperless faxing everyday.

Like much of California, technology is quickly making it’s way into the fastest areas of growth in the county. Companies like Tech Space, PeopleSpace, and the Eureka Building are brimming with exciting small businesses that continue to shape and build on the legacy of business in The OC. Hackathons and networking events are popping weekly throughout the county, and we plan to continue that growth with hosting our own in the next few months too!

It’s safe to say that along with some of the highest rents nationwide, Orange County is home to a plethora of various industries with very inventive nature. We’re proud to call OC home.

Imagine visiting a new city somewhere, anywhere. In a snapshot the ambiance speaks the stories of the building and foundation of the community. In the big city you might notice all the lights and noise that fill the skyline at all altitudes, and in smaller town you may notice the bricks that holds the roof of the local market. Though different materially and in volume, these two places are connected and thriving through the very simplest of modern achievements; communications.

It’s hard to imagine the pharmacy in that tiny town without a phone number to call to ask about remedy for a rash. Even more so, it’s equally unimaginable not being able to chat with your bank back in the city who answers in the need of financial help. Communications keep these communities connected both locally, and remotely. We build services to empower both the big and small to communication not just clearly, but simply.

For the next several weeks, we’re going to highlight communities of our customers across the country. With each stop, we’ll share a story about how people are using our services to connect with their loved ones, and how their businesses are using our flexible Hosted Platform features everyday in every way. We’re inspired the stories of our customers, and we hope you are too.

Keep it simple.

My how time flies! We’ll soon arrive at Thanksgiving, and we’re pretty excited for turkey!

In observation of the upcoming holiday, and so that our team may enjoy their families and much due time off, we have special Customer Support and Sales hours ahead:

Wednesday Nov. 26th – 7:30am to 11:30am PST
Thursday Nov 27th to 30th – Closed

Wednesday Dec. 24th – 7:30am to 11:30am PST
Thursday Dec. 25th to 28th – Closed
Wednesday Dec. 31st – 7:30am to 11:30am PST

Thursday Jan. 1st  – Closed

Our Customer Support teams will operate on our minimal schedule during these times, keeping our eyes on our network 24/7 and responding to service impacting tickets during our off hours.

If you need help during off hours, simply email us at to open a ticket with us. We’ll continue to monitor tickets every day. Happy Holidays!

With the year nearing an end, and the festive activity of the holiday season setting in, we’ve had an unbelievable year to think back on. We’re so thankful to all of customers and partners, and to put it simply; we have grown in every way imaginable. With that, we also excited to share that we have a new home in the Historic Downtown Fullerton’s “Dean Block”.

In short review, and a promise for a more detailed report soon, in just the past 10 months alone we’ve nearly doubled our team, exponentially expanded our network, launched our new Platform, introduced several new services, a stunning new site, and out grown our little offices in Costa Mesa.

We set out a few months ago to prepare for our next chapter, with a couple of upcoming missions and project in mind ahead. The first is about the community; we want to be a part of a new movement in Orange County centered on innovation and support for start-ups, creative types, and more. We are long fans and frequent guests of events like Start-up Grind Orange County, various events, and other activities hosted by our friends at TechSpace not to mention others. The second is that we simply needed more room for our growing service, and increasing focus on building the most amazing experience in communications, and how you use our services in your home and business everyday. Our mission was to find a space for our growing team, a walkable community, transportation friendly, inspirational space, and fun gathering place for our new projects.

After reviewing the local space available in nearby beach-y areas, downtown commerce zones like Santa Ana and Orange, we discovered 111 N. Harbor Blvd. above the award winning Matador restaurant in Downtown Fullerton. The “Dean Block”, built in 1899 was originally home to the Dean Hardware Company in the late 19th century. It’s brick walls are stunning, each telling a unique story of the 100+ years this building has been serving the community of Fullerton. Steps away you’ll find the buzz of Fullerton College and CSU Fullerton, the Fullerton Transportation Center (built in 1923 and serving regional rail service), and a slew of amazing culinary adventures and coffee shops.

During the month of December, we’ll begin building out and moving our operations to our new home. We’ve been incredibly grateful for the love and support of the Tech Space Costa Mesa family (and I truly mean family) that we opened our first office with just a few years ago. With so many memories behind us, and some incredible experiences ahead, the future of Simple Phone Company and the start-up community in Orange County has never been brighter.

Please join us for a Welcome Home Event being announced soon, or one of our upcoming local events starting in January 2015.

Your love, feedback, and patronage has made this possible— and we look forward to serving you better in our new home soon. Thank you.

Simple Phone Company