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shopscreenshotEarly last year we launched a new site dubbed the Simple Phone Store with the mission to provide an easy window to shop and research phones compatible with VoIP services. Naturally the site was popular for our Hosted Phone customers, but we also learned a great deal about how users shop for new equipment in 2014. While the original vision was provide any and all options and brand, it became clear customers wanted only a few options of our best to offer, and preferred a streamline “in one sale” solution for joining us.

With all that we learned this past year, we’re excited to relaunch our new site with our newly integrated Shop pages. With the new Shop, you can order equipment and service in one simple checkout, plus order additional equipment for existing services with the same free activation as many of our first time customers order at the start.

When designing the Shop, we decided to carry only 2 preferred brands with the intention of only carrying models we’d recommend ourselves in both “value-added” and “premium” flavors. Our picks include a great selection from Grandstream and Polycom, with Panasonic for cordless solutions. We’ll keep our offerings to date as new models emerge, with the goal of only selling the best to offer, at the best price, with free activation/setup, and free ground shipping.

Take the new Shop for a spin, and let us know what you think.

Status Getting an immediate look and transparent view into the status of planned and unplanned maintenance work is now easier than ever. Like many other like-minded tech companies that believe in providing clear and honest updates to real issue tracking, we’ve partnered with to provide realtime network and trouble status monitoring for current and past known issues.

View this new site at today.

Our new status page is hosted by our third party partner, and our engineering team will report known issues and updates to communicate with you, and our team in realtime. We believe this new feature, and transparent initiative will give our customers the same accurate and quick access to information just as quickly as our customer support team. Being open and honest about known issues will also shed a real light on the high quality service and network we continue to build everyday.

For customers with upgraded SLA agreements, our new status page will also offer full access to post-Morton RFO reports and more. As always, if your entente ring an issues, and don’t see it here, contact us right away.

EventExampleBlog At Simple Phone Company, we believe that experience is what set’s us apart… and learning how to use our powerful phone services should include different ways to educate our customers behind our Help Center. So we’re excited to announce our newest opportunity to teach and connect with our customers, and we call it Events!

Join us for free tutorials and walkthroughs for popular features, services, walkthroughs to our various systems and sites, and even local small business meet-ups. New Events are posted frequently, so be sure to refresh often for the latest offerings. Most Events will be held online in a webinar style, while some will also be hosted locally in our offices or locations around the country.

To kick off Events, we’re launching several free workshops around our new updates like Hosted Platform and more. To join an event, simply check out our Events page calendar and choose an event of interest. In the description, we’ll include the link to join us and add to your calendar. You may also RSVP by emailing us and we’ll be sure to remind you the morning of the event. That simple.

We’re excited to engage our users in a new and instructive way that adds to our experiences and  support for customers of all sizes, and gives every small business or user that same tools and features as a Fortune 500 company. Communications built simple, that’s our way.

Join us today, and find an Event here.

Here it is, our all-new fresher Simple Phone Company with a stunning new site, two new services, launch of our new Hosted Phone Platform, and much more! Today we are launching these exciting updates and new services, some we’ve been working on for several years. Over the next few days, we’ll highlight the new services and updates here on our blog. To give you a taste as you navigate our new site, here is a sample of some of the exciting new details:

New Site and Shop

We’ve brought our new site and previously separate phone store together into a single new home. Navigate our new service pages, quickly order new phones and services, and so so much more. Give it a few clicks, and happy surfing.

> Jump to our Shop

Two New Services

Along side our new look, we’re also launching two very popularly requested services dedicated Conference Lines and SIP Trunking. With Conference Line, you’ll get a unique toll-free Conference Line and the lowest per-minute usage around starting at just $20. We’re also launching a public BETA for our SIP Trunking and Wholesale service.

> Visit Conference Line and SIP Trunking

Hosted Phone Platform

Our biggest news today is for our biggest service, Hosted Phone for business. We’ve worked with technology partners around the country and data centers all over to build a new business cloud service we call Platform. With Platform we’ve expanded on the amazing features Hosted Phone has always offered, with the added benefits of disaster and outage failover, an amazing drag-and-drop Call Flow manager, and much more. Join us for free demo, or contact us for more details.

> Visit Hosted Phone

Events and more

We have so much more to share, and the first three are just the start. Join us for upcoming updates and Events for free webinars and tutorials for these new services and more.

> Visit Events