Introducing Managed Network 2.0

Since its launch a year ago, our Managed Network solution has always been about taking the “I.T.” out of managing a secure network with our customers. Many other providers have offered similar services, frequently called “SD-WAN”. In that time; however, we believe SD-WAN has become as complicated as the mission it set out to fix. We’ve reimagined the entire experience, with a keen focus on keeping it simple and powerful.

Introducing Simple SDN, our Managed Network experience redesigned for your entire network – with cloud management, WiFi, enterprise security, and more! Get Simple SDN and our Network SLA for a new, lower monthly price and complete support for your entire network.

With Simple SDN, your network and WiFi simply work out of the box.

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Hello, Happy New Year, and welcome to 2018! We’re kicking off the new year with lots of new features, new solutions, and new ways of managing your account. To start things off, our season newsletter is now our new “Monthly Hello” that we’re kicking off each month to share what is new in written and visual format. We want to make getting caught up to speed with what’s new at Simple Phone Co. is easier than ever. To read our first update of the year, check out what’s below!

Introducing Call Center Features

We know that sometimes you need to stack inbound calls because customers love to call at once. With that in mind, we’ve added a new Voice Platform App call Call Center Basic. It’s an easy way to setup smart and manageable inbound call ringing for your agents with simple analytics that queues your calls in the most intuitive way. Call Center features are not for everyone, so we’re making these new features available as a simple Add-on. Want to learn more or see a demo?

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Introducing Operator Features

Customers have told us how they wish they could have a visual portal to see who’s on the phone, with whom, using which device, or simply “who’s parked?”. We’re excited to share our new Operator feature that does just that. With the all-new Voice Platform Operator App, you or your receptionist will gain real-time access to all your devices in simple web-portal. It’s computer and tablet friendly, and a great way to monitoring your calls and team.

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Introducing our New Billing, Invoices, and ACH

With 2018 here, one thing we’re all excited to leave in the past, is our old billing system. That’s right – we’re starting the year anew by launching our new Account and Billing features including ACH Check Payments, new online portal, detailed usage billing, agent portals, and more. We’re excited to offer quicker and far better support for the parts that keep the lights on, and give you easier access to information and ways to manage your billing. Also in the next few months you’ll start to see more useful details like numbers, lines, devices, and more – for even better billing transparency.

The best part is that you do not have to do a thing, as we’ve been hard a work for months preparing for a seamless transition. Starting this week, customers will start to see our new bill format. Customers who had an outstanding payment will simply see a “previous balance” note on current invoices. Not to worry, if you need any previous billing details just let us know.

Customers that had multiple products billing dates, like an add-on service, will now see a single consolidated bill date. To keep it simple, we’ll be prorating these services in January and February.

If you have any questions or trouble, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Introducing Personal Touch

While many are wrapping up summer vacations and travel, we’re hard at work making communications experiences even better. This month, we’re excited to add our new, free concierge service called Personal Touch. The mission is simple; connect with every customer account during the month of October to review services, offer Personal Training, and share some of the new features we’ve recently launched.

Our Personal Touch appointments are free, and entirely optional. Our Specialists will continue to connect this fall, and if you’d like to schedule an appointment click below.

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Yealink T5X Series Now Available

Yealink continues to impress us with their wide variety of quality IP Phones. Just a few months ago, they announced their new T5X Series and now, Simple Phone Company is making them available to all customers and partners. All T5X models enhance the professional look-and-feel of the existing T4X Series (more…)

Now you can connect your Simple Phone Company service to your favorite IP phone with our new Integrations Add-on. This new feature includes connections to your favorite CRM and web apps, click to call, in-browser contact or case lookups and more. Plus our per-user pricing makes it easy to provide to certain teams like sales or support and keep costs down for users who do not need it. (more…)

More Platform Features!

With Valentine’s Day here, why not celebrate our love for great voice experiences too? Fresh for February, our User Portal, troubleshooting app, and white-label is updated with all new features:

User Portal

Check out our update to User portal, the one-stop end user portal to manage voicemail online, view faxes, manage call forwarding in one simple place. Admins can easily set the password for any User to activate the User Portal App. Also while in User Portal, users can view real-time time status for active device registrations.

> View Tutorial for User Portal


Debug App

Also updated for February, our new and improved Debug App is more helpful than ever. See active registrations for any user or device, lines in use, and troubleshoot notifications for voicemail, faxing and more. Admin users can find the updated Debug app automatically in the App Exchange within our Voice Platform.



Only months since our launch, we’re excited to welcome many new Partners and Providers from across the country who are now using our Voice Platform to power their own solutions. Private-Label is the best of Simple Phone Company, available in slices to build your own solution.

If you are or you know an IT, Consulting, or Service Provider looking for an incredible wholesale white-label solution, please visit us at


Platform – New Features for January

Last month we rolled out our Platform Advanced update which launched an intuitive new interface for managing your service and features. If you missed it, you can read more about it here. It’s chocked full of exciting new features and a modern new look.

As promised, we have some exciting new updates to share for January too. Take a look around, and here are a few we’d like to spotlight:

Text to Speech

When building a menu or media (that’s a spoken message), you can now use Text to Speech with customizable voices and languages.

This feature can be found in the Play Media feature within Callflow App or SmartPBX’s Virtual Receptionist.

Sending Faxes

Now available for all users, Fax Box allows you to receive and now Send faxes from any number.

You can enable this feature within Call Flow’s Fax Box section, or add a Fax Box for each user in SmartPBX.


With more phones shipping with more buttons, many harken to think about the “good old days” when you could see someone else busy on the phone. Our presence feature is just that, but advanced enough to know when any one user’s phone or apps are in-use, or just monitor a special phone or app, easily.

You can also monitor use of Call Parking, Conferences, and more. To learn more about Presence, schedule a support appointment, or check out our new video tutorials.

> See all our amazing and included features

Introducing Appointments

Our concierge-style approach to support and on-boarding is easily one our best signatures features, and we wanted to make it even easier to get more on your schedule.

Introducing Appointments, a simple, on-demand feature to schedule a Specialist on your time. Just pick an available time, choose a subject from training to support, and we’ll call you on time to help. This new support feature is free to all customers.

> Schedule an Appointment  (more…)

Platform Advanced

We’re excited to announce Platform Advanced, our updated and redesigned portal for managing your voice services from any computer or tablet. Our fresh new design makes it easy to manage all system features, and introduces many new features too! Here are a few exciting enhancements:

Provisioning – Drop-in friendly provisioning for popular Polycom, Cisco, and Yealink phones.

SmartPBX – All-new easy to use feature builder to manage many features in one single view.

Responsive – Looks and works great on mobile and desktop computer.

Platform Advanced will become our default look soon, and we’re updating support documents throughout December to prepare for it’s arrival. Feel free to start using today, ask questions, or request a complimentary Personal Training today.

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Holiday greetings

Tis the season to set Holiday Greetings, and with our Hosted Platform it could never be easier. We’ve created a simple tutorial to help setup one, and are making our support teams available for free Personal Trainings to help you create the best one too.

> View Holiday Features Tutorial in Platform

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Partner Providers

We’ve been hard at work learning from our customers who resell our solutions, and we’re pleased to announce we’re expanding white label solution for more Providers. We believe deeply in building great relationships and experiences, and our Providers are a unique connection in communities beyond our reach. As a Partner Provider, we empower you with direct access to all the great features and functions of Simple Phone Co. products to build your own unique Voice Service. It’s more than a Platform, it’s complete wholesale package for systems, services, hardware, network, and personalized support. We are exciting enhancements are on the way for our Providers, so keep an eye on our blog for future updates.

> Learn more about our Provider service

Introducing Managed Network

That thing that makes the internet, just got more simple!


Since our founding, our mission has been to provide the best voice services backed by a incredible support experience. Now, we’re excited to now include your local network too! (aka that stuff that makes and shares the Internet)

Introducing Managed Network plan with included managed SimpleWan router, cloud-based dashboard, enterprise features, and expert support form our friendly team. Starting at just $50 a month we’ll co-pilot our network with you, ensuring your voice quality is always priority, lightening fast internet, alerts you when something is detected wrong, and provides a friendly voice with included technical help.

Our Managed Network plan is now available for all customers, nationwide. Upgrade your network today to get our included managed Router with free a Personal Demo and Setup today!

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More Video Tutorials

This month we’re excited to share that we’ve added even more great video tutorials on features like Hot Desking, advanced features, and more! Our video tutorials are short, sweet, and simple to follow. Add new features, or understand what’s under-the-hood for more.

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Special Toll-free Numbers

Having a toll-free number says a lot about a business, but it doesn’t have to complicated or expensive. Plus with free Vanity and Personalized searches, we’re happy to help Hand-Pick available numbers to include words, your business name, or any other pattern of your choice– at no cost. Adding extra numbers is a breeze, and costs only just $3 /pre-number /per-month. Toll-free usage is only 2.5 cents per-minute.

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We’d love to hear from you. Thoughts, feedback, questions, feature ideas, or even recipe swap too. Just email, and you’re message will be sent to the top and the team.

Hello Summer!

Video Tutorials, New Help Center

Now playing… Video Tutorials! We’ve been hard at work rebuilding our Help Center at… and are excited to share some incredible enhancements. Overall, the new Help Center looks as great on a computer as it does your phone, features 20+ video tutorials, includes 30+ updates to written guides, and more.

> View new Help Center and Tutorials

Updated Phones Selection, Faster Shipping

Starting this month we’ll be launching our new fulfillment centers across the country. With this enhancement, we will be able to cut ground delivery in half, and dramatically reduce delivery time with our complimentary Personal Setup at no cost. Whether you’re a new customer, or simply adding a phone, you’ll love our new shipping process and save even more!

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Upcoming Platform Update

Get ready, because our exciting updated Platform web portal is being updated this month. You’ll love our new responsive and app-friendly update that looks as great on a computer as or down your smartphone. New features will be launching soon like SmartPBX View, Debugging View, and more!! Want to be the files to test and see the new features, just email us to early access today.

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Chat Concierge

Chat support offered by others is usually a painful experience. Our own experience reminds of memories little questions getting lost in “connecting” delays, the remote “agent” not understanding, or far too often no one home altogether… So we’ve been playing with the idea of how to do online chat differently, and that fits into our “personalized support” style. For the next few weeks we’ll be testing a feature we call Simple Concierge, for quick human responses for common questions, and easy personal follow-ups for support and troubleshooting. Come by, and click the “chat” icon in the bottom corner. Feedback or ideas? Email us at

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The Challenge

This summer, we’re launching a silly experiment to prove how much you can save with Simple Phone Company… Introducing The Challenge! Know a business or friend that’s paying too much for business phone service? Have them send us their bill, attend a free demo, and if we can’t save them money monthly we’ll send them a fully stocked Beer Fridge or Espresso Bar. Even better, during July, any referral that signs up will earn you a $200 credit. Are you ready?

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