Simple Phone Co. is Seattle bound, literally! Join us Friday January 30st in Seattle for Geekwire Startup Day conference. We’ll be attending the days festivities and speakers, and meeting with founders and start-ups alike. We’re exciting to hear from some of tech’s most interesting people, and connect with new and growing tech companies from across the country.

We’ll be live tweeting throughout the conference at @simplephoneco, so be sure to follow us and tweet back.

If your attending too, we’d love connect and meet up. Contact us at for a follow-up from the team making the way up north. See you soon!

Imagine visiting a new city somewhere, anywhere. In a snapshot the ambiance speaks the stories of the building and foundation of the community. In the big city you might notice all the lights and noise that fill the skyline at all altitudes, and in smaller town you may notice the bricks that holds the roof of the local market. Though different materially and in volume, these two places are connected and thriving through the very simplest of modern achievements; communications.

It’s hard to imagine the pharmacy in that tiny town without a phone number to call to ask about remedy for a rash. Even more so, it’s equally unimaginable not being able to chat with your bank back in the city who answers in the need of financial help. Communications keep these communities connected both locally, and remotely. We build services to empower both the big and small to communication not just clearly, but simply.

For the next several weeks, we’re going to highlight communities of our customers across the country. With each stop, we’ll share a story about how people are using our services to connect with their loved ones, and how their businesses are using our flexible Hosted Platform features everyday in every way. We’re inspired the stories of our customers, and we hope you are too.

Keep it simple.