We Support Community

Serving our Communities Together

Together, we can do great things!

Community Outreach


Our team participates in regular community service throughout Southern California, from feeding our homeless neighbors to building homes. We also participate at-least once a month as an entire team. We invite you and your team to join us make a difference in our communities, so be sure to check out our Events page.


Members of our team feed the homeless in Orange County, CA. (Photo February 2015)

Members of our team sponsored a camp for Foster Youth. (Photo July 2015)

Discounted Service for Non-Profits


As part of our growing support for out local and distance communities, we are proud to donate service to several non-profits. We believe that empowering these important programs with enterprise-level technology and support helps propel their often technical-lacking needs into new worlds. Supporting us helps support them. If you have a non-profit in need of communications and technical support, please contact us for more details.


Donation Requests


Community projects and charities are something we’ve been proud to consider one of our core opportunities as small business and tech start-up since our founding. We to make regular contributions to non-profits and community events when possible. If you have a project you’s like to us to consider support for, please contact us.


Members of our team built homes in Mexico. (Photo June 2015)