Introducing Integrations and Analytics Features

Introducing Integrations and Analytics Features

Now you can connect your Simple Phone Company service to your favorite IP phone with our new Integrations Add-on. This new feature includes connections to your favorite CRM and web apps, click to call, in-browser contact or case lookups and more. Plus our per-user pricing makes it easy to provide to certain teams like sales or support and keep costs down for users who do not need it.

Getting starting is super simple, and our Support Specialists are available to help connect to your favorite CRM, setup browser app, and activate on your phones with you. Once connected, you’ll see inbound calls search your CRM for contacts or help easily create new cases with pop-ups and links.

Also with Integrations Analytics, you’ll see real-time statistics and reports on your teams call handling. This helpful feature lets you easily see how much time your team is talking to customers, use of CRM features, making call notes and more. You’ll instantly see who your day’s top performers are, and add critical insight to your team’s productivity.

Getting started is easy, and we’d love to share a personal demo if you’d like to see more.

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